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After Dr. Rok did the program at my grandson's school he saw me picking up the laundry, he quickly told me to stop bending over like that because it would hurt my back and affect my nervous system. His mother has also noticed that he checks his backpack every morning to make sure that it doesn't weigh more than the proper amount for his weight. He has shown a lot of excitement about all the new things he has learned. I would love to see all schools using your program. I wish we had it available when I was young!   Read More
--G. Cummings, Proud Grandmother of a 4th Grade Student at Woolwich Elementary School

"For many years I never felt adequate doing scoliosis screening in the school setting. The 'training' I received every three to four years did not give me the expertise of a Chiropractor. And I always wondered what, if any, follow-up occured after parents were contacted."

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-- Joan Tankey, Retired Health Educator, Lewiston, Maine

"Dr. Rok skillfully engages school children in an interactive discussion about health. Through story, demonstration, Q+A, and visuals he teaches and challenges students to be aware of the importance and body connectedness of their backs. Children become invested in back health as they learn the correct way to pack and wear their backpacks."
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-- Jennifer Talbot, Bowdoin Central School, Teacher

March 28, 2006
Learning Curves
36 School Street
Bath, ME 04530

Dear Dr. Slocum and Dr. Morin,

It is our pleasure to inform you that we did our first Learning Curves program in Norwood, Massachusetts last week and it was extremely well received. The teachers were very impressed with the program. The children were excited and enthusiastic. They wanted to know if we were coming back every week!

Learning Curves is a wonderful opportunity to educate the community about the life long benefits of a healthy spine and nervous system. Most children today dont get this information from any other source.

Thank you for all your hard work in putting together such a fantastic program. We will be making Learning Curves an ongoing effort in our community.

In good health,
Dr. Patricia Giuliano
Dr. Peter Kevorkian

Dr. Patricia Giuliano
Dr. Peter Kevorkian

Learning Curves is an incredible program which has helped present me as a leader on health & wellness in my community. The response I have had from the elementary schools for having me teach the Learning Curves curriculum has been incredible! The principals and the teachers are excited to have a fun, interactive, and professionally written program that is congruent with Canadian learning standards implemented in their schools. I am already completely booked for winter/spring 2006 and have started booking for the 2006/2007 school year! The program has started to open doors for me to do talks and presentations for the teachers, the home and school association, and the school board. The Learning Curves program is the way that we, as Chiropractors, are going to influence the health paradigms of children and change the chiropractic profession for the future!

Dr. Shaelyn Osborn, BA, DC, FICPA
Dr. Shaelyn Osborn, BA, DC, FICPA
Whole Body Health
Brantford, Ontario

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