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"Learning Curves is a wonderful program for doctors to educate school age children within their communities. It is a tool and system for you to approach the schools and programs in a professional manner, showing the consistency and validity of the teaching materials available. Drs. Slocum and Morin have put together an incredible program. Teach one child, and think of the impact on their future and their family. Teach a classroom or school full of children, and imagine the impact on the community!"   Read More
Janice Hughes D.C.

In an effort to increase my pediatric patient base, I recently acquired the Learning Curves Program. Upon first glance, I could not believe how simple it appeared. Being accustomed to discussing the complexity of the nervous system with adult patients, this seemed too easy.
I recently gave my first presentation from the Learning Curves Program to a 5th grade class. Using the lesson plan, PowerPoint presentation, and overhead projector sheets was as easy as it appeared, and more effective than I ever thought imaginable. The students thoroughly enjoyed it. Using a scale, we weighed their backpacks and emptied unnecessary contents until they met the 15 percent rule. They could hardly see over the contents piled on their desks! Using the Spine portion of the presentation was a lot of fun. The children traced each others spines and tested their classmates' nervous systems by using heat/cold, sharp/dull, and doing muscle tests. Partaking in the Learning Curves' suggested activities had the kids excited, laughing, and having fun. It was incredible watching the kids gain a basic understanding of the nervous system. I never thought it could be so easy and effective.
The curriculum made it easy to get into the classrooms. The teacher was very impressed and has invited me to speak to her other classes. In fact, soon after, I was invited to all classes of the elementary school.
I am very pleased with the Learning Curves Program and can't wait to implement it more! It is a must-have for those wishing to gain access to and increase their numbers of pediatric patients.
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Garret Rock, DC

Dear Dr. Slocum:

-This letter is written in enthusiastic support of a new innovative program, Learning Curves, targeted for elementary students. The exciting opportunity to access chiropractors willingness to work with Maine schools at no cost to schools promotes maintaining a healthy spine throughout life. The thoughtfully designed lessons in Learning Curves undoubtedly will empower students to make healthier lifestyle choices! It is without question that safe backpack use is critical in the healthy life of all children and adults!

Knowledge about recommended backpack weight, the 15 percent rule, the correct packing/lifting backpacks skills and advocating for good posture is easily addressed within several mandated content areas: Personal Health, Prevention and Control of Disease and Disorders and Safety and Injury Prevention. In addition, the health education standards in Maines Learning Results can readily be aligned to each of the five lessons.

I wholeheartedly support local chiropractors in their efforts with Maine educators and students regarding solutions to the issues of backpack safety. The program implication of involving parents and teachers in prevention activities is a significant indication of the carefully designed approach to reaching and teaching children through the lessons in Learning Curves.


Stephanie Swan

Health Education Coordinator

Maine Department of Education
Stephanie Swan Health Education coordinator, Maine Department of Education

"As parents, we all want to do the very best for our children, especially when it comes to healthcare. Unfortunately, most of us are missing the most important piece in our kid's healthcare, a spine and nerve system check-up. We all take our kids to the pediatrician when they are sick or for well-baby or child check-ups; we take them to the dentist to have their teeth checked; we take them to the eye doctor to get their eyes examined. However, few of us ever consider having their spine and nerve system checked by a Chiropractor, and this just might be the most important thing we can do to ensure a healthy, well adjusted child. Why a spinal check up? The spine houses and protects the most vital organ in the body, the central nervous system, which is responsible for controlling and regulating every other organ in the body. Subluxations, which are misalignments of the spine, can alter or interfere with nerve function causing 'dis-ease' or ill health. Chiropractors are the only healthcare professionals trained in the detection and correction of subluxations and should be the only ones checking your child for this serious health challenge.

As adults, many of our aches, pains, and other health problems can be traced back to spinal problems and nerve interference. That's why it is so critical to introduce our kids to the concept of proper spine and nerve system care while they are young. If we can do it early enough, as they grow up they won't develop the same problems that we have. Learning CurvesTM is the best educational program I've seen to accomplish this."

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Lizette Eckert D.C.- Innate Chiropractic

"Doctors of Chiropractic specialize in dealing with the body's structure and how it affects health. Early detection and treatment of abnormal spinal curves (scoliosis) can greatly reduce the risk of serious health problems later in life. Spinal screenings performed by Chiropractors are esssential to the prevention of scoliosis and long-term health problems."
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Lea Piche, D.C., Piche Family Chiropractic

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