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Learning Curves is a perfect program at the perfect time in the history of chiropractic. Never before has there been a public so ready for information that will allow them to create an improved quality of life for themselves and their families. It is time that we brand chiropractic in new and empowering ways and look at models that have been successful. Learning Curves has taken the dental hygiene model and worked together with world class educators to create a curriculum to teach spinal hygiene, body awareness and teach the chiropractic language to our children and grandchildren. There has never been a better time to be a chiropractor and there has never been a better time to implement Learning Curves in your practice and community. Learning Curves has the full endorsement of The Masters Circle.

Bob Hoffman D.C.

President, The Masters Circle

I have been literally blown away by what Learning Curves has put together! As a Coach, specializing in public relations and community outreach, I have not found a more powerfully orchestrated program. Not only is it simple, it's empowering! We must stand together as a profession and teach the right message of chiropractic to the world, starting with the children! Learning Curves is the program we promote at Chiro Advance Services.
Heidi Farrell
Chiro Advance Services

Learning Curves is acting on the vision of having children grow up with the language of chiropractic. If you are serious about a future of world leadership of health care in a chiropractic model, Learning Curves can be a real catylist.
Patrick Gentempo Jr. D.C.

Learning Curves is the answer if you want to serve more children, families, and educators. It is exactly what our profession needs.....A congruent, professionally written curriculum that meets national health education standards for the chiropractor with vision and purpose who wants to make a difference. Community education and awareness is the way of the future and will create lasting change in chiropractic utilization patterns for the next generation. The Learning Curves program fits like a glove with our Athletes Against Drugs program and is a must if you are serious about becoming a leader in your community and stepping up as a leader for our profession.
Eric Plasker, D.C.
The Family Practice

Dear Dr. Jeff,

Just a note of thanks for Learning Curves and the associated curriculum you have developed. I have used the information as a springboard to excel my presentations to students. I have found it especially helpful with home school groups where the parents are present. Instant New Practice Member Orientation! The only problem was scheduling all the FAMILIES (forty-two people in all) for their chiropractic analysis and scans. They wanted to get their spine checked ASAP. What a problem to have!!! The program just works. All you have to do is use it. Thanks for changing the world one spine at a time through education and information.

Blessings to you,

Chadwick Hawk, D.C.
Virginia Institute of Chiropractic

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