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Dr. Jeff Slocum Interviews

Special Guest Dr. Jim Dubel of New Beginnings on December 2010Teleclass

Dr. Jim Dubel on 2010 Teleclass

Dr. Patrick Gentempo, Jr. interviews Dr. Slocum as CLA's Chiropractor of the month for On Purpose:

Dr. Jeff Slocum's "On Purpose" Interview

Dr. David Jackson of Practice Pros interviews Dr. Jeff Slocum:

Dr. Jeff Slocum Practice Pros Interview

Dr. Russ Rosen interviews Dr. Jeff Slocum in his "Interviews the Greats" series.!

Dr. Jeff Slocum Interview with Dr. Rosen


Listed below you will find various articles written by Dr. Jeffrey Slocum. Please click on any of the titles to read more:

Alliance Development & Community Outreach
Interview with Jeffrey Slocum, D.C.
DR. SLOCUM graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in April 1993. He has been the owner of his practice for over fourteen years. Dr. Slocum is a fourth generation chiropractor and has focused on developing a family wellness based practice that uses state of the art technology and focuses extensively on staff development. Dr. Slocum has been named Mid Coast Maine's #1 chiropractic center for nine consecutive years. Through his commitment to alliance development and community outreach, he has served as an advisor to many of the largest employer's in Maine and has become a well known speaker for the Maine Municipal Association and Maine Department of Education.

The Change is gonna come!
In the last two weeks I have witnessed several different events that have moved a spirit in me to quicken my resolve to be a difference maker, to affirm my commitment to be a creator of change and to serve at a higher level. One of the events was the performance of Sayesha Mercado on American Idol when she sang the song "A Change Gonna Come".

Become The Leader Others Wish To Follow
In my last segment in The American Chiropractor last year, one of the ending statements I made was "I wish for you the mindset of responsibility, the courage to speak clearly, the compassion to serve at a higher level, and the discipline to act with respect and integrity." I would like to take up where I left off in that closing piece. If you were paying attention to the seven characteristics of Advanced Citizenry, you will no doubt have noticed that I left out one of the seven characteristics or values, "fairness". This was not by mistake or omission, it was intentional, and you will understand why as you read on.

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Building Social Equity to Expand Your Practice
If you have never heard the term social equity, you are not alone. The concept or term was originally developed primarily to address the needs of certain "protected classes"and has been widely addressed in public policy and applied extensively in the dialog of affirmative action initiatives. The National Academy of Public Administration defines Social Equity as; "The fair, just and equitable management of all institutions serving the public directly or by contract; the fair, just and equitable distribution of public services and implementation of public policy; and the commitment to promote fairness, justice, and equity in the formation of public policy."

The Spinal/Neural hygiene model: The time has come for chiropractic to create a societal value system around our principles.
A 6 part series:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Creating a generational value system around the concept of Spinal/Neural hygiene is essential for the growth of chiropractic. I am convinced that for chiropractic to move forward and establish our rightful place in the Health Care delivery system we need to have a model that becomes an integral part of societies overall value system.
The question that I pose first is: What is the perceived purpose of chiropractic from a societal standpoint, and what is its value based on that perception? You see you can't have one without the other. The intrinsic value of any product or service is based on its perceived purpose and the relative cost or ease of obtaining the product or service.

For additional information go to www.subluxation.com. For a one week guest pass for the On Purpose website, email your request to jclair@subluxation.com.

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