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Q: How does the Legion help me grow my practice?
A: When you become a Warrior you have our team working for your team. You will build a brand that is unique in the market place and build quality and value through trust and leadership in your community.

Q: How much time does it take to implement your program?
A: That is up to you. Because our program is completely customizable to your practice, you decide the direction, time and energy you want to commit and we help you ensure that you are using your resources wisely. Our team works with you and your team to develop the marketing strategies that will help you reach your target audience with the customizable tools in our member success tool box. The one-on-one help is only available in the Marketing Magic Subscription Service and the Advanced Leadership Solutions.

Q: Is there a long term contract involved with the Learning Curves membership?
A: No, the initial membership investment is one year and then converts to a membership at will. One of the perks of our membership plan is that you will continue to have full access to all of the new tools and resources we create for you at no additional cost or investment. As long as you are a member, you are grandfathered in to receive future updates.

Q: Can you download the monthly teleconference and use them as staff training?
A: Yes. With our monthly teleconference you get one hour of incredible information included in your membership and have access to all previously recorded teleconferences that are on our site. Many members remark that these are like mini seminars each month which they can access from the comfort of their home, office or car. We have over 50 hours of incredible information that the top leaders in the profession share with our members on topics like; leadership, procedural efficiency, marketing strategies, billing and coding, the laws of attraction, relationship marketing, practice branding, retention and referral concepts, and practice growth.

Q: Does it cost a lot to use your marketing program?
A: The cost of relationship marketing is very low and the returns are very high. We help you focus on low cost high return marketing strategies that create consistent results over time. Just like there are long term care recommendations for a patient to get and stay well, there must be long term marketing plans to make sure that your practice will get and stay well. How would you like to be sure your investment today was going to continue to pay you dividends in the future? It can and will when you implement our program!

Q: When we do the consulting with you, is it focused on the doctor or the team?
A: The Advanced Leadership Consulting that you get with the Advanced Leadership Solutions program is designed to get the best out of everybody on the team. We will work with your whole team to make sure that everyone have a clear vision of why they do what they do, engage their values in every activity they are responsible for, and show up in every interaction as the best leader they can be. We help you build the success triad into your practice processes and procedures so there is purposeful action that is supported by values and guided by a clear vision. This foundation increases efficiency, present mind consciousness and a greater sense of value, contribution, and fulfillment.

Q: Do you work with any practice or is your program better for a newer office or an older one?
A: Our program works for any office. Whether the office is new and you want to make sure you are creating a platform that will ensure success today and for years to come, or you have a well established practice that needs a new direction or specific tweaking, our program will help you achieve your goals and expand your capacity to serve more people with greater efficiency and less stress.

Q: Do you have a marketing specialist that works with us?
A: Yes, we have a marketing specialist that works directly with your team on the bi-monthly marketing teleclasses to define the community outreach and marketing that fits your desired audience and works with you to build your outreach procedures and protocol as well as walking you through our members tool box so you can easily and quickly create a customized marketing portfolio specific to the interests and needs of your intended audience.

Q: How do I get started with business marketing and alliance development, where do I get the information?
A: We provide the business research for you. We will research a minimum of 50 businesses that meet your desired criteria and send you pre-printed mailing labels, a hard copy of the list, and a disk that you can download to a spreadsheet. This research contains the business name, address, telephone number, and contact information for the owner/manager/H.R. person you want to talk to. We also teach you how to ask for business alliance referral from your current patients to help you build your data base. The business research is only available in the Marketing Magic and the Advanced Leadership Solutions programs.

Q: Do you help us with scripting?
A: Yes, you get one on one consulting with our marketing director on our bi-monthly marketing teleclasses, and also in our Videos.

Q: What does the Advanced Leadership Solutions program include?


  1. One year Private Consulting with our team including values clarification, getting your team engaged in your purpose, communication skills refinement, and Define, Design, and Implement marketing success strategy procedures and protocol development to fit to your practice goals. 
  2. A monthly tele-conference with the best and brightest guest speakers from inside and out of the profession to help you and your team focus your efforts on brand development, leadership development, alliance cultivation and relationship building, and marketing success.
  3. Two 30-minute  Marketing Q&A teleclasses per month that focus on up-to-date and successful marketing strategies for your practice.
  4. Two 30-minute Top CA Q&A teleclasses per month that focus on specific issues that will help your CAs perform at their highest level and empower them to fulfill their potential.
  5. A Monthly "Wellness news You Can Use" newsletter that we teach you how to customize and use to build long term relationships with business, groups and organizations, and educate literally 100"s- 1000"s of people in your community each month.
  6. Our wellness article library with over 130 separate titles that we will show you how to create effective and easy referral and retention education and communication with your patients every day.
  7. 24 professionally written, wellness based Power Points on topics that are designed to help you educate, entertain and empower every segment of the population in your community.
  8. Our Learning Curves curriculum that can be used in the classroom, the scouting halls, the home school groups, the boy's and girl's clubs, the PTO, the gymnastics organizations, the cheering organizations and any other place where you can find children and parents that need your assistance and guidance in developing wellness lifestyle behaviors.
  9. Our exclusive business research support where we will provide you a list of a minimum of 50 businesses in and around your community that meet the criteria you design. We send you the business name, address, telephone number and contact person.
  10. Our sample marketing portfolio with a guide to production and distribution so you can easily and affordable market your practice and build valuable long term relationships as a valued and respected leader. (everything you need is on our site for download and customization)
  11. MP3's with sample phone dialog to help you get into schools, small businesses, and large corporations
  12. MP3's with consultation scripting, report of finding scripting, and empowering language to keep your practice members engaged in long term care and ensure amazing results, referrals, and retention
  13. MP3's that will help you develop a well planned and consistent internal marketing events calendar for your practice. (we show you how to use the resources in your subscription to drive internal referrals and successfully retain your practice members)
  14. A 6 part professionally written and designed "chiropractic wellness" print advertising campaign to help you attract your target audience and ideal new patients.

Q: How do I get started?
A: Call Jenene at 800-613-2528 or go to our online store to become a Learning Curves office for your community today.

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