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When I started with Jeff and LC, I was serving 70 visits/wk and falling behind on my lease, and other practice bills, not to mention personal expenses. Going into the process with Jeff, I was adamant about getting my mission, vision and purpose down on paper, but had no clue where to start. Jeff walked me through the process, and I now have my personal vision and mission on paper, but more importantly in my consciousness. As a result of the work we have done thus far, I have steadily increased collections, internal referrals and total visits. In fact I brought another Dr. into the practice to start her calling, and help grow the practice. In the month of May, our collections had jumped to $13K, while visits were still looming around 70/wk. The month of June however saw the fruits of our labor come to fruition, as we jumped up 120 visits/wk, and raised our collections to $17K. Jeff has helped me regain the confidence in myself and in what I do - Saving Lives, Daily! I know that there is a lot more work to do, however I feel confident in my abilities, and with Jeff in my corner. Thanks for the guidance, the continuing goal setting, and challenges you help me set to ensure my continued growth as a leader in my community and for my family.

Thanks for loving what I love!


Dr. Chris Alberts




Dear Dr. Slocum,

I am writing to let you & your team know of the difference Learning Curves has made in our practice and our life..
Since joining 4 months ago our practice has nearly doubled in visits and collections. This I am certain is because of the focus on our higher order values, our increased consciousness and our ever increasing certainty that we have gained through your guidance. Thank you & we look to The Universe to continue to bring it on!!!
With Much Gratitude-

Dr. Kandace Johnson
Choose Well. Live Well.
Power of Life Chiropractic Wellness Center

Learning Curves consulting has helped me grow my practice immensely! Working with Dr. Slocum on my values has provided me with the urgency and certainty that I needed to speak the truth and act congruently in more situations. As a result, my 'comfort zone' has been greatly expanded. With more internal referrals and opportunities to meet people out in the community, our office has had a monthly record in new patients now we have a waiting list! I am now getting our office team on board with values training so we can see similar explosions in all areas of our practice. Thanks for all of your help, Dr. Jeff!

Dr. Erin Anderson
Discover Chiropractic
Victoria, BC

In my short career I've had quite a diverse practice experience- working as an associate for 3 years in 3 different states; Hawaii, California, and Missouri.

I have been exposed to wellness care, symptom care and everything in between. I've trained with doctors who are up on stage with C.J. Mertz in WLP and "Winner's Circle" Doctors of the Year! I pretty much knew it all!
So, I bought a successful practice from a doctor who was relocating and thought it would be easy street from there. About six months into owning my own business I was frustrated, felt alone, like I was failing my patients and didn't know what to do to save my practice! I had been mildly using my Learning Curves membership and occasionally checking in with Dr. Jeff. When I told him that needed to cancel my membership due to lack of $$$ he took me under his wing and challenged me to step-up. Through Dr. Jeff's suggestion, we set up weekly consulting calls. Wow did I need that! His mentor ship, accountability, and genuine interest in promoting chiropractic (not growing practices) has been a god-send. During the past 3 months I have been able to truly define my purpose and by keeping that as the focus of every thing that I do and say within the office and in the community, my practice has been transformed!

The genuine individual attention I've received and affordability of the program allows me to continue on a life long journey of growth and development that I don't want to go without.

Thank you Dr. Jeff and Learning Curves for helping me first define and then reach my dreams with ease!

With heart felt appreciation,
Dr. Micaire Baxter
Honolulu, HI

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Dear Learning Curves Team,
Just a note to say thank you for helping me right my ship! I recently went thru the sale of a practice in which I had built a considerable business. My wife and I decided that we needed to move about three years ago. Long story made short I finally sold my practice and began from scratch again as an associate in a beautiful office. Starting out from nothing again sure gives a guy some perspective. It is tough to get a great business off the ground. I had coached with The Masters Circle while in my prior practice and had since given that up. I had met Jeff Slocum thru the affiliation with TMC. I had purchased his platinum package three years ago. I never really used it at all. One day while sorting thru some of my boxes I came across this information again and got back in touch with Jeff and Learning Curves. This was this past November(2007). I got involved with some of the more business oriented services and started promoting the news letters and included a few other things that I have avaliable thru my office and have been talking wellness programs with many of the larger coorporations in my community. We actually offer also to set up corporate health and wellness fairs for the businesses that we have been talking to. I have my first one set up for tomorrow actually with a local Vo Tech school. We will have four hours to be in front of their faculty and staff along with some of our other participating wellness providers in the community. Getting involved with Learning Curves and Jeff Slocum has helped me to get my practice going in the right direction again. My practice has almost doubled over the past two months also. Their unique combination of practical tools and philisophical direction are turning out to be just what I needed.
Kind Regards

Dr. Shannon DeBoer

The Learning Curves program has far exceeded my expectations. When I purchased the program, I thought it was just that, a curriculum program. I didn't realize there were so many perks that went with it. Along with individual consulting with Dr. Slocum and his team, there are also helpful conference calls and extremely beneficial marketing conference calls that I would recommend all chiropractors and staff to be on. Thanks, Dr. Slocum and the rest of the Learning Curves team for helping me change the health of our community!!

Dr. Jennifer Krohn-Shupe

Thanks Dr. Jeff! We had a great October due to the fact we were shown our blind spots. We changed a few processes in our office and began serving the community. Going into 2008, we are excited about making our office a pillar in the community.

Drs. Jackie and Wes Hunter Gilbert Arizona

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My Name is Dr. Laura Baxter. I practice in London , Ontario , Canada . I recently was introduced to Learning Curves at a seminar in Toronto Ontario . One of the vehicles I use in serving my community is through educational talks. In the past I have both purchased other material and created my own presentations. I really feel that the educational PowerPoint presentations that Learning Curves have created are professional, easy to follow, philosophical, and insightful.

With these I have been able to secure seminars on the name of the presentations alone, prior to receiving the material. It is very easy to position ourselves as health care educators and leaders with such wonderful and concise material. Learning Curves has done a fantastic job in assisting us with this task. Thank you

If anyone has questions, please feel free to contact me. Dr. Laura Baxter, The Chiropractic Clinic, University of Western Ontario. 519-661-4006. baxterlj@yahoo.com

I am very pleased with the Learning Curves program that we implemented for the first time last year. We were in 2 different school districts and were able to touch many lives. We are looking forward to communicating the message once again this year. This program has become one of our marketing tools for the community. I also did the pediatric power point for a local MOPS group of 17 and so far have gotten 17 new patients from that talk alone. They woould also like me to come back this year! What I really appreciate mostly about learning curves is how turn key it is. Anyone can use it and succeed!

Thanks for all you do in helping educate on Wellness and chiropractic!

Dr. Tony Slinger
Charles City, IA

"Learning Curves is a perfect program at the perfect time in the history of chiropractic. Never before has there been a public so ready for information that will allow them to create an improved quality of life for themselves and their families. It is time that we brand chiropractic in new and empowering ways and look at models that have been successful. Learning Curves has taken the dental hygiene model and worked together with world class educators to create a curriculum to teach spinal hygiene, body awareness and teach the chiropractic language to our children and grandchildren. There has never been a better time to be a chiropractor and there has never been a better time to implement Learning Curves in your practice and community. Learning Curves has the full endorsement of The Masters Circle."

Bob Hoffman D.C.
President, The Masters Circle

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"Learning Curves is a wonderful program for doctors to educate school age children within their communities. It is a tool and system for you to approach the schools and programs in a professional manner, showing the consistency and validity of the teaching materials available. Drs. Slocum and Morin have put together an incredible program. Teach one child, and think of the impact on their future and their family. Teach a classroom or school full of children, and imagine the impact on the community!"

--Janice Hughes, D.C.

"Learning Curves is acting on the vision of having children grow up with the language of chiropractic. If you are serious about a future of world leadership of health care in a chiropractic model, Learning Curves can be a real catylist."

Patrick Gentempo Jr. D.C.

"Just want to let you know that I did receive the implementation manual. Roy called and left a message at my house asking the other day.
I have used the program at the local middle school (one of my patients is a math teacher and asked me to speak to several groups of students about good posture and back pack safety and she loved the back pack math sheet!).
I am also scheduled to speak with students at our intermediate school as well where I will be able to use the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade curriculum. I will be doing that after the holidays.
I only recently took the time to look over everything that is included and I must say that Dr. Jeff has been very generous with all the power point presentations he is sharing - not just the Learning Curves stuff.
Thank you for having this wonderful program to help educate our children. I already have a good working relationship with the school system and this is only enhancing it."

Dr. Ellie Rolnick

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"In an effort to increase my pediatric patient base, I recently aquired the Learning Curves Program. Upon first glance, I could not believe how simple it appeared, being accustomed to discussing the complexity of the nervous system to adult patients, this seemed too easy.

I recently gave my first presentation from the Learning Curves Program to a 5th grade class. Using the lesson plan, PowerPoint presentation, and overhead projector sheets, was as easy as it appeared and more effective than I ever thought imaginable. The students thoroughly enjoyed it. Using a scale, we weighed their backpacks and emptied unnecessary contents until they met the 15 percent rule. They could hardly see over the contents piled on their desks! Using the Spine portion of the presentation was a lot of fun. The children traced each others spines, and tested their classmates nervous system by using heat/cold, sharp/dull, and doing muscle tests. Partaking in the Learning Curves suggested activities had the kids excited, laughing, and having fun. It was incredible watching the kids gain a basic understanding of the nervous system. I never thought it could be so easy, and effective.

The curriculum made it easy to get into the classrooms. The teacher was very impressed and has invited me to speak to her other classes. In fact, soon after I was invited to all classes of the elementary school.

I am very pleased with the Learning Curves Program and cant wait to implement it more! It is a must have for those wishing to gain access to and increase their numbers of pediatric patients."

-- Garret Rock D.C. Appleton Chiropractic

"As parents, we all want to do the very best for our children, especially when it comes to healthcare. Unfortunately, most of us are missing the most important piece in our kid's healthcare, a spine and nerve system check-up. We all take our kids to the pediatrician when they are sick or for well-baby or child check-ups; we take them to the dentist to have their teeth checked; we take them to the eye doctor to get their eyes examined. However, few of us ever consider having their spine and nerve system checked by a Chiropractor, and this just might be the most important thing we can do to ensure a healthy, well adjusted child. Why a spinal check up? The spine houses and protects the most vital organ in the body, the central nervous system, which is responsible for controlling and regulating every other organ in the body. Subluxations, which are misalignments of the spine, can alter or interfere with nerve function causing 'dis-ease' or ill health. Chiropractors are the only healthcare professionals trained in the detection and correction of subluxations and should be the only ones checking your child for this serious health challenge.

As adults, many of our aches, pains, and other health problems can be traced back to spinal problems and nerve interference. That's why it is so critical to introduce our kids to the concept of proper spine and nerve system care while they are young. If we can do it early enough, as they grow up they won't develop the same problems that we have. Learning CurvesTM is the best educational program I've seen to accomplish this."

-- Lizette K. Eckert, D.C., Innate Chiropractic


"Doctors of Chiropractic specialize in dealing with the body's structure and how it affects health. Early detection and treatment of abnormal spinal curves (scoliosis) can greatly reduce the risk of serious health problems later in life. Spinal screenings performed by Chiropractors are esssential to the prevention of scoliosis and long-term health problems."

-- Lea Piche, D.C., Piche Family Chiropractic

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