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The following is a response received from the Health Education Standards Coordinator of the Arizona Department of Education after review of the Learning Curves program. Specifically whether the Learning Curves mission correlates with the overall mission of the ADE.

The Arizona Department of Education, School Health and Nutrition Services, is located within the Academic Achievement Division. The mission of School Health and Nutrition Services is to assist schools and organizations toward improving the health and nutrition of students so they may benefit from the educational process and achieve their full potential. This mission directly correlates with the overall mission of the Arizona Department of Education to ensure academic excellence for all students.

The School Health and Nutrition Services Unit oversees the coordination of the Physical Education and the Comprehensive Health Standards. Comprehensive health is important for all children and ADE strives to serve the students of Arizona.

Dear Dr. Slocum:

-This letter is written in enthusiastic support of a new innovative program, Learning Curves, targeted for elementary students. The exciting opportunity to access chiropractors' willingness to work with Maine schools at no cost to schools promotes maintaining a healthy spine throughout life. The thoughtfully designed lessons in Learning Curves undoubtedly will empower students to make healthier lifestyle choices! It is without question that safe backpack use is critical in the healthy life of all children and adults!

Knowledge about recommended backpack weight, the 15 percent rule, the correct packing/lifting backpacks skills and advocating for good posture is easily addressed within several mandated content areas: Personal Health, Prevention and Control of Disease and Disorders and Safety and Injury Prevention. In addition, the health education standards in Maine's Learning Results can readily be aligned to each of the five lessons.

I wholeheartedly support local chiropractors in their efforts with Maine educators and students regarding solutions to the issues of backpack safety. The program implication of involving parents and teachers in prevention activities is a significant indication of the carefully designed approach to reaching and teaching children through the lessons in Learning Curves.

Stephanie Swan
Health Education Coordinator
Maine Department of Education

March 22, 2006

Dear Dr. Giuliano and Dr. Kevorkian,

On behalf of the Norwood Public School, I would like to thank you for your presentation on backpack and spinal awareness safety.

Your program to the fourth and fifth graders at the Balch and Callahan schools was received with tremendous review! The students benefited with your expertise and genuine enthusiasm.

I want you to know that we refer to your message on back and spine safety in our Physical Education classes. We do this through stretching activity.

Your program is highly recommended, and any school system would be fortunate to have your presentation. Once again our sincere thanks, and we would love to have you again next year with some of our other schools.

Mr. Joseph Conti
Elementary Physical Education and Health Lead Teacher

After Dr. Rok did the program at my grandson's school he saw me picking up the laundry, he quickly told me to stop bending over like that because it would hurt my back and affect my nervous system. His mother has also noticed that he checks his backpack every morning to make sure that it doesn't weigh more than the proper amount for his weight. He has shown a lot of excitement about all the new things he has learned. I would love to see all schools using your program. I wish we had it available when I was young!

G. Cummings,
Proud Grandmother of a 4th Grade Student at Woolwich Elementary School

"For many years I never felt adequate doing scoliosis screening in the school setting. The 'training' I received every three to four years did not give me the expertise of a Chiropractor. And I always wondered what, if any, follow-up occured after parents were contacted."

Joan Tankey, Retired Health Educator, Lewiston, Maine

"Dr. Rok skillfully engages school children in an interactive discussion about health. Through story, demonstration Q+A, and visuals he teaches and challenges students to be aware of the importance and body connectedness of their backs. Children become invested in back health as they learn the correct way to pack and wear their backpacks."

Jennifer Talbot, Bowdoin Central School, Teacher


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