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Success Triad


  1. One year Private Consulting with our team including values clarification, getting your team engaged in your purpose, communication skills refinement, and Define, Design, and Implement marketing success strategy procedures and protocol development to fit to your practice goals. 
  2. One monthly member success tele-conference with the best and brightest guest speakers from inside and outside the profession
  3. Two 30-minute Marketing Q&A teleclasses per month that focus on up-to-date and successful marketing strategies for your practice.
  4. Two 30-minute TopCA Q&A teleclasses per month that focus on specific issues that will help your CAs perform at their highest level and empower them to fulfill their potential.
  5. A monthly Wellness Newsletter that is fully customizable that you can use to educate literally 1,000's of people in your community each month
  6. Our wellness article library with over 150 separate titles to stimulate referrals and boost retention
  7. 24+ professionally written wellness based Power Points to help you educate, entertain, and empower every segment of the population in your community.
  8. Our Learning Curves curriculum that will help you explode your family wellness practice
  9. Our sample marketing portfolio with a users guide to help you easily and affordable market your practice. (everything you need is on our site for download and customization)
  10. Our Exclusive Business Research module. We build your marketing database for you and deliver it to you on an Excel spreadsheet via email. 
  11. MP3's with sample phone dialog to help you get into schools, small businesses, and large corporations
  12. MP3's with consultation scripting, report of finding scripting, and empowering language to keep your practice members engaged in long term care and ensure amazing results, referrals, and retention
  13. MP3's that will help you develop a well planned and consistent internal marketing events calendar for your practice (we show you how to use the resources in your subscription to drive internal referrals and successfully retain your practice members) 
  14. A 6 part professionally written and designed chiropractic wellness print advertising campaign.

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